Be Different….Be Unexpected! Unusual elements to add to your living room decor

However you use your living room, whether it’s a place where the family gets together to watch TV, place games or whether it is a show piece for your friends and family to admire, stand out from the ordinary and be different with elements you will not normally find in a typical living room décor.

As we see in the picture below, Designer Jonathan Adler uses the most unusual items in this living room to create a room that is out of the ordinary.

Items such as a life-size ceramic dog and a bronze palm tree to name a few all blend together well to create a unique but livable living room. There are more unusual elements in this living room, can you spot them?

Got sheep…? Surrealist sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne created these sheep ottomans. Up against the green carpeting and sofa, you have the feeling as if you are grazing in the meadow. What other animals would you add to this living room? If there is sheep, I think there should be a couple of cows…..


LOOK UP!!! The sky is falling…NOT! But interest is created by adding artwork to the ceiling. Designer Nina Seirafi does just that by adding this sculpture to the ceiling. Not only does she add visual interest, but she treats the ceiling as the fifth wall.

Here’s a clever way to teach your children the periodic table….make a coffee table out of it. This coffee table is created by The Element Collection/Element Displays. If you had this in your home, do you think your children would love you or hate you for it? But regardless of how they fell, it is an interesting piece of furniture and sure to stir up conversation!, don’t you think?

And lastly, for my automobile enthusiastic, how about bringing your car into your living room? Designers Andrzej Sapierzyski and Lukasz Siódmok created these interesting sofas made from car parts. Hmmm….looks like a corvette.


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Animal Prints

Animal prints have always been popular and provide the right amount of pizzazz to any room.   A little zebra, cheetah, or leopard print provides the necessary texture and color for any decor regardless of your personal style… modern, contemporary or traditional.

Animal Prints

The zebra print seat cushions adds just the right amount of pop.

Zebra seat covers

Window treatments with animal print patterns can give a room character!

Window Treatment

Again, animal prints can be used in any type of decorating style.  In this modern room, animal print art work sets off this room with a simple black back drop and white sofa.

Art work

Stirring up the room – The nature pot

Daylillies are my favorite summer flower.  They give off the most abundant and continuous color.

Abundant color

This room pulls the colors of the daylillies together to create a splash in this child’s’ room.  The use of pink and green compliment each other to create a jovial and relaxing space.

Stirring up the daylillies

A beautiful sunset is remarkable and no matter who you are, a sunset will make you stop and stare.

Beautiful sunset

 So use deep hues of res, orange, browns with a hint of yellow to create your very own private sunset…. one you can enjoy all day, every day.

Stirring up the sunset

I love a full moon.  It is mysterious, sexy, and sensual all at the sane time.  I’m still waiting to see the man in the moon.  But until then, bring a little bit of the night sky into your home. 

Sexy moon mood

Stirring up the sexy

Beautiful Blue Sky & Summer Blooms

As we celebrate the warm days of summer and bask in the beauty of the summer blooms, take a good look at these blooms and get inspired by their colors; how they compliment each other and use these colors in your home decor to help create a spectacular space.

Summer blooms

The easiest to mimic is the beautiful blue sky with its fluffy white clouds.  We all feel a sense of peace when we wake up to a nice sunny day with a clear blue sky.  Take that sense of beauty and peace and bring it into your home.

In this bedroom the blue and white create a serene, peaceful and calm room; one that you can’t wait to come home to.  The room itself is painted white, but blue adds the right amount of accent to create this soothing room.

Blue accent creates this space

Follow the Leader…Nature! Use the colors of nature to inspire your home décor By: Aishah Coleman, C.I.D.

Believe it or not we live, eat, breathe and think color every day.  It is all around us. It is in the color of the leaves, the color of our cars, our clothes and in the sky. Yet when it comes to decorating our homes, we get stumped and don’t know which direction to go in so we end up with a bland room that lacks the WOW factor.

Color of leaves

Color of cars

Color and fabrics in our clothes

Color in the sky