Stirring up the room – The nature pot

Daylillies are my favorite summer flower.  They give off the most abundant and continuous color.

Abundant color

This room pulls the colors of the daylillies together to create a splash in this child’s’ room.  The use of pink and green compliment each other to create a jovial and relaxing space.

Stirring up the daylillies

A beautiful sunset is remarkable and no matter who you are, a sunset will make you stop and stare.

Beautiful sunset

 So use deep hues of res, orange, browns with a hint of yellow to create your very own private sunset…. one you can enjoy all day, every day.

Stirring up the sunset

I love a full moon.  It is mysterious, sexy, and sensual all at the sane time.  I’m still waiting to see the man in the moon.  But until then, bring a little bit of the night sky into your home. 

Sexy moon mood

Stirring up the sexy


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