Have Fun with Blue and Yellow Rooms

ImageI recently attended a wedding of a good friend and the color theme for this wedding was white, yellow and royal blue. The wedding bouquet was absolutely gorgeous and as I sat there enjoying this wonderful day for my friend and his bride, I couldn’t help but think about how wonderful a room designed in these three colors would look.

Blue is a color is we all associate with, whether it’s a beautiful blue sky, the ocean and the calming sense we feel with the color blue. Just as the color yellow makes is feel joyous, excited and who doesn’t feel good when you look up and see and feel the warm rays of the sun.

The combination of the two colors, cool and warm can make for a very vivid and fun living space.

ImageThe richness of this royal blue living room paired with the black and white print with yellow as the accent color gives this room a dynamic appearance.

ImageYellow, blue and white provides a vibrancy for this child’s room to help development creativity and hours for fun.

ImageHighlight a hallway with the brightness of royal blue with slightest hints of yellow for the accent colors.

ImageOn the lighter side of the color combination, a paler version of royal blue and yellow provides a calm and soothing feel for this living room with a hint of warmth from the yellow accents.

ImageMake dinner fun and inviting. Add a royal blue table to make anything you serve stand out appetizing. Highlight your room with painted royal blue doors.