Neutral Here, Neutral There….Neutral, Neutral Everywhere!

How to work with neutrals in your room.

 All to often, I meet clients who say they want to add color to their rooms, but when I present to them the color presentation, they get nervous and opt to go with beige. Now, I don’t necessarily hate the color beige, but it do find it to be the “safe” color choice for my clients and I know that for builders, “builder’s beige” is the next cheapest paint color to white.

So if you’re stuck on beige, whether it’s because it’s the safe choice or maybe because you are a renter and are not allowed to paint your walls, let’s explore how we can make beige a little more exciting and add a splash of color to your rooms.


 Here in this living room the right amount of orange to give this neutral living room the right splash of color. You can use any color in your room, the secret is not to go overboard with your choices. Two pillows, a bouquet of flowers on the mantel and side table was enough for this living room to stand out!


Have you thought about utilizing two neutral colors in one room? If not, try gray and beige. Two very neutral colors, but together complement each other nicely with just the slight amount of contrast. The navy blue sectional and print ottoman provides the color in the room without it being overbearing!


Here’s another blending of neutrals, ice blue walls and beige furniture. Two neutrals that complement each other as well as provide a feeling of calm in this living room.


  Sometimes, a neutral wall color is just right when you have bold furniture. In this room, the beige walls are the right backdrop for this living room that screams Green! A bold sunburst mirror along with bright green lamps and wing backed chairs is a nice companion to the neutral walls and enough for family and friends to say….WOW!


 What goes great with beige…brown!! The bold brown screen behind the sofa takes away from the neutral walls and furniture and adds a bit of drama to this living room.


2 thoughts on “Neutral Here, Neutral There….Neutral, Neutral Everywhere!

  1. Love rooms 2 and 4. I have to admit I like neutral tones, but agree that every home needs colour to add warmth and lift a space. Having neutral walls allows you to be more creative with furniture and choose more elaborately designed pieces. Stunning upholstery be it plain but in a bold colour or heavily patterned is a great solution, as shown above and as for the gold mirror – love it – it sits beautifully on the neutral wall standing out as a stunning feature.

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