Ahhh….The Decadence of Chocolate

ImageChocolate, who doesn’t love it? For me, my favorites are rich dark chocolate brownies (yum, yum) and Hershey Kisses. I can’t get enough! Chocolate has a taste like no other. Your cravings for chocolate can drive you wild. Mmmm, my mouth is salivating!!

Now, chocolate as a color provides a warmth, richness and balance to any room. It represents wood with its rich tones and nourishing energy. Chocolate rooms will give your space a sense of coziness and intimacy.

Let’s explore the beauty of chocolate rooms that will have you craving for more!


Who says that your ceiling have to be white! How about painting a layer of chocolate on those ceilings to give your room an overall warmth without having the room feel too small or dark. Make sure you accent the ceiling with bright white moldings for a sharp contrast.


If your room looked like this, would you want to get out of the bed every day? Not me! Chocolate mixed with this rich medium blue adds luxury and charm to this bedroom. Two colors that represent natural elements, wood and water, contribute to this calming and soothing bedroom. A tufted custom headboard with wall sconces along with a crystal chandelier accents the richness of this chocolate in this room…..yummy!


Want to make a splash with contrast. White accents or furniture will always give you a sharp contrast in any room, especially when mixed with chocolate. The rich darkness of the chocolate along with the sharpness of the bright white will make your room stand out….always!


Highlight the chocolate with some green….lime green! Take your living room to the next level with this subtle but powerful punch of color. The lime green adds the right amount of color to this living room without becoming overbearing.


Take traditional to a whole new level with a modern twist of color and style. Tufted upholstered dining chairs in a bright red with red table accents adds to the decadence of this dining room. Rich, dark and luxurious…just the way it is meant for chocolate.


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