Make Your Dining Room Dinner Worthy!

Does your dining table look like this?


Clutter on top of clutter with paper, bills, magazines, etc. What happened to the dining table and how did it become a “catch-all” for everything other than dining? Well, now is the time to get your dining room in order and get it dinner worthy.

If neutrals are your color of choice, don’t fret, you can jazz up a neutral space with the right touches of texture to excite the hungry. A sisal area rug and wicker chairs add the right amount of elegance to this dining room. Top the table with yellow candles along with some natural elements and you have the right amount of color to this dining room.


Take a modern approach to your dining room, Neutral walls, dark furnishings and white leather dining chairs. Always layer your window treatments with both blinds and curtain panels or with sheers and curtain panels for an added touch of elegance!


Maybe sleek and elegant is more your style. The use of clean lines and glass make this dining room spacious and classy. Neutral wall tones aids in the clean lines along with the glass dining table to give the room a very spacious appeal.


Add a little spice to your dining room….orange spice that is! Again, neutral wall tones allows your eyes to focus on the orange chairs. Natural woods tones prevents wood tone clashes with the dark wood dining table and the legs of the chairs. Always top your table with either candles, a fresh bouquet of floors or both.


Contemporary living can be both comfortable and elegant. Contemporary design, a more relaxed feel than traditional, still gives you a stylish look with slight ornamentation. This dining room boasts dark wood tones along with neutral wall tones. An ornamental iron chandelier adds the right amount of class to a refreshing dining room.


Traditional with a modern twist. How great would it be to come home to dinner in this room? Neutral wall tones with white accents aids in the airy and spacious feel in this room. Gold colored window treatments adds the right amount of color to the room. This room is highlighted by the moldings on the walls and ceiling.



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